With Yorkshire – now being recognised as the UK’s unofficial Food & Drink Capital – we thought we would let you test your knowledge of the region’s food and drink heritage. Let’s see how well you do?

The top scorers will be entered into a prize draw to win a Yorkshire Cheese Hamper – so go on, have a go and see how well you do. And don’t forget to share this with your friends too…

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Which Yorkshire Cheese are the animated characters Wallace and Grommit associated with?

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What are the 3 main ingredients of Yorkshire puddings?

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Which of these restaurants does NOT hold a Michelin Star?

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Yorkshire Tea holds a warrant from which member of the Royal family?

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Filey Bay is Yorkshire’s first…?

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Which Yorkshire City has won Curry Capital of England more times than anywhere else?

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Whitby Seafood is famous for producing what?

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Shepherds Purse is a producer of what product?

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What is a Fat Rascal?

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The spicy table sauce Henderson’s Relish is famous for being made in which location?

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What is a Pontefract cake?

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Yorkshire is famous for its rhubarb – but do you know where the Yorkshire Rhubarb Triangle is?

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Name the two breweries based in Masham?

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Which of these tarts is most associated with Yorkshire?

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Masons, Whittakers and Lickerish Tooth are all what?

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Fortunes Smokehouse in Whitby has been smoking kippers since when?

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Which Yorkshire born Michelin starred celebrity chef is involved with both the Black Swan at Oldstead and Roots in York?

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What is the main flavour of traditional Yorkshire parkin?

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Which of these biscuits was first introduced by Batley based Fox’s biscuits in 1983?

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Whilst the Terry’s chocolate orange was first created in York in 1932, which fruit had Terry’s originally launched a chocolate version of?

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